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420 Mahoney

Mind | Body | Spirit
SoulCenter Venue


Soul Center offers over 1500 sf of open space for your event, classes, workshops, or other gatherings. Visit our event page to view our availability and submit your application today!


Regenerative Health Group is a naturopathic medical clinic that uses a holistic approach to heal the whole body. Please contact us at your convenience to schedule your appointment with one of our gifted doctors. Call 1-855-347-3543


Our permaculture urban community garden is home to many medicinal herbs and an abundance of nutritious food grown in the highest quality soil.


We offer space both inside and out

Venue, Events, & WORKSHOPS

Venue Space
We invite you to join your community and gather in the heart of downtown Mesa. Conveniently located just south of the light rail on Main Street. Soul Center provides a comfortable atmosphere for all of your events in a growing urban setting.
Business gatherings
Weddings & Receptions
Birthday parties (adult or childrens)
Musical performances
Endless possibilities...
Workshops & Classes
Yoga | Dance | Mediation | Sound Healing | Nutrition | Aromatherapy | Astrology | AND MUCH MORE!


Feng Shui
Feng Shui plus intention is the key to co-creation! Bring balance and abundance to your life by activating your money star and using the correct elements to create the life you have always wanted. Personal Feng Shui consultations.
Quantum Hypno Transformation
Clear old programming and imprints on a quantum level and bring healing love and compassion to transmute traumatic past events with this powerful healing technology. Rene has over 12 years of studying the mind, including NLP and Hypnotherapy, as well as several energy modalities including Reiki Master, IET, and 13th Octave LAHochi. All of these modalities are used to develop this powerful transformational technique.


6,500 square feet of permaculture inspired food forest. Created to spread knowledge on self sustainability by teaching the community hands on ways to reproduce this type of garden in your own space. The garden is available for workshops, classes, and events by reservation.
What is Permaculture? It is permanent agriculture. A system of layers designed to be self sustaining with limited inputs of additional labor, fertilizer, soil, shade and other necessary components of gardening. We teach you the hows and whys of creating this type of ecosystem so you can recreate it making the community a more self sustaining place to live.
Partnered with Off The Wall Botanical to create this beautiful opportunity to provide a permaculture solution.

Soul TRibe

Take a Moment to learn about our Soul tribe
Rene Kitchukova Morris

Co-Founder | Hypnotherapist | Energy Worker |
Feng Shui Expert

Rene Kitchukova Morris is a transformational coach and healer who uses a Quantum approach to help you integrate and heal core wounds. Rene is a transformational seminar leader, hypnotherapist, energy worker, and Feng Shui expert and she uses all of these tools to completely shift your life.Rene is a grid keeper and has travelled to many sacred sites around the world to do clearings and collapse timelines. She has been to Israel, Bulgaria, Peru, Glastonbury (Avalon) UK, and she was in Egypt in the king’s chamber of the great pyramid during the particle convergence solar eclipse in 2017 with a group of 50 masters from all over the world to anchor in the new frequencies for humanity and Gaia. She holds light codes and keys from all of her travels that spark a remembrance and awakening within you.Rene lives in Arizona with her husband and four children where they decided to buy the old abandoned army paraphernalia store 420 W. Mahoney Ave. and convert it into a self sustaining wellness center. Her husband Neil is one of the founders of Regenerative Health Group the Naturopathic clinic at 420 Mahoney and she founded Soul Center with her long time best friend and business partner Kari Wagner. They soon found Off the Wall Botanicals (OTW) to create a sustainable Permaculture community garden in the backyard and that brings the opportunity to teach others how to grow your own food and live more sustainably to help humanity and Gaia.

Co-Founder of Soul Center

Kari is on a mission to help humanity! With her background in Social Work assisting kids in foster care, providing child and family support services on The Gila River Reservation and helping refugee and homeless families establish foundations- she has the calling to help communities thrive on a sustainable and conscious alignment. Kari is the co-founder of Soul Center where she blends her passion for sustainability and community service to bring others together to heal and to thrive.

Cherril Babbs Psychic Medium

Tarotist | Psychic | Medium | Soul Coach | Graphic Designer

Cherril is a born psychic medium who enjoys helping people overcome lifes hardships including the passing of loved ones. Helping people overcome the most unbearable parts of life is her passion because she has been through a lot of them herself. Soul coaching is very important to her because she knows that when you understand the spiritual reasons behind the things we experience you too can know true love for yourself and others. She is available by appointment so please call in advance to schedule your session or visit her website at

Cherril helps Soul Center with Web Design and other graphic and marketing related tasks. Visit her website if you are interested in reaching out to her for design services.