Building community, Standing in unity for the highest good of all


Private Events

Soul Center is an event venue available for private or corporate events. We offer more than 1500 square feet of open interior space along with a 6000 square feet of outdoor garden. Soul Center is perfect for gatherings, ceremonies, baby showers, receptions, graduation events, meetings, corporate workshops, classes and even movie nights. We are conveniently located off the light rail in the heart of Downtown, Mesa. Come gather in peace and enjoy everything Soul Center has to offer


Permaculture Garden

We are happy to offer space to provide a lush Urban Permaculture Garden for the Community to enjoy and learn techniques for sustainable living. Soul Center has over 6000 square feet of usable land including 4 mulched keyhole pocket gardens and 2 raised garden beds for medicinal grade herbs. The intention is to spread knowledge on growing a sustainable Urban Food Forest by hands on teaching and Community Involvement. If you feel called to contribute or host an educational workshop using our Community Garden- or if you believe we could collaborate in any way we encourage you to contact us!



Community Center

Soul Center is a Community Event and Wellness Venue located in Downtown, Mesa. We offer a safe container to join with like-minded individuals and gather for the highest good of all beings here on this beautiful planet. All of our Community offerings are Vegan, and all life is important to us.

Our space offers many unique opportunities to join in Unity, Learn, Advocate, Share and Heal.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience Soul Center for yourself, please check out our Upcoming Events. If you are a facilitator or Outreach Director and you feel like Soul Center is in alignment for your next group gathering, please fill out an application or give us a call at 602-428-2282. We would love to collaborate and accommodate your visions.

Upcoming Events…



SOUL CENTER is an Event and Wellness Venue space for the Community to gather in unity for the highest good of all beings. Our vision is for everyone to share their artistic talents, positive interests, and creative gifts with each other, and the world.

Soul Center is a 1500 sf open venue and event space that is available for your workshops, seminars, yoga classes, dance, meditation, and other weekly offerings. We offer a series of Community Classes on a weekly basis, be sure to check the Community Events Page.

Community Permaculture Garden is found right in our backyard. This is a great place to offer classes on planting, permaculture, sustainability and working holistically with the elements to create peace and harmony with our beautiful planet.

Soul Center is a place for the community to gather in Unity for the Highest Good of ALL.

Upcoming Improvement Projects

The following is our wish list of upcoming projects that we could use help with. If you feel compelled to offer assistance in the form of funding, project management, fundraising, contracting or any other creative way- we are open to receive in gratitude.


Sustainable Urban Permaculture Food Forest. We have a beautiful mulched garden with a High Grade Water Filtration System. We are in need of anyone willing to share their love for Growing Food and Sustainability.


Rain Water Harvesting System. We are always looking for ways to be more self sustainable. We have rain water buckets already and a line hooked up to water the garden with the collected water. We need help with installation and implementation.


Bathroom Remodel. We need to raise $8,000 for this venture. This will be a complete renovation in the Community Center that will offer 2 bathrooms. This job will require some concrete work as well as the obvious plumbing.


Kitchen. We have a love for sharing healthy living and healthy eating with our Community. We are in need of new or used kitchen cabinets, minor plumbing and drywall for a kitchen install.



420 W Mahoney in Downtown, Mesa Arizona was once home to a Military Antique Warehouse. You read that right, our healing center used to be home to memorabilia and items from the wars that have taken place throughout our history. From bullet shells, flags and badges to the dense energy that came with it- it took us a really long time to embody the experience you can feel today at Soul Center.


can you help support our community center and urban garden?



(602) 428-2282